DomainsHoster’s Enterprise Network

network-uptime-badgeDomainsHoster has partnered with leading technology vendors such as Cisco Systems, Dell, HP & Juniper Networks, to build a high performance Gigabit network offering both full N+1 redundancy and fault mitigation at multiple layers. DomainsHoster uses VRRP internally to protect our default gateways from hardware failure. This combined with dual BGP peerings to each upstream provider allows us to provide a high level of network redundancy for our customers. Rack distribution switches are equipped with redundant power supplies (RPS) and dual uplinks to core switches. We have deployed a full N+1 network configuration with hardware spares for each piece of critical infrastructure.

DomainsHoster also chooses carrier neutral data centers to provide premium network performance and redundancy options, as well as a range of premium upstream bandwidth providers to provide multiple options for our customers.

Last but not least, our network engineers are continuously monitoring our network & infrastructure 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year, ensuring uninterrupted high-speed access to your services.

We currently provide bandwidth through Telstra, Optus, TATA, Vocus, AAPT,NTT , Digital River and Equinix, as well as peering via PIPE Networks NSW IX and Equinix IX.



We use a number of protocols across the network to achieve N+1 redundancy and provide a secure, stable low latency network environment:

  • VRRP protecting our default gateways against hardware failures.
  • Multi-homed routing with all prefixes advertised via Dual BGP peerings to each upstream provider.
  • Clustered Juniper Firewall
  • Redundant Power supplies for all distribution/core routers, firewalls,and switches.
  • Dual trunks between all distribution and core network devices.
  • Hardware spares on standby.
  • Dedicated out-of-band-access
  • Monitoring using industry standards such as SNMP, ICMP, Syslog, and Netflow ensuring the present health of all network elements while allowing us to efficiently plan for the future.
  • Cross connects  and fire-walling can be provisioned for any of our dedicated hosting services.